Even though Windows is an increasingly complete operating system, it is not sufficient on its own despite recent updates.
Using a Windows PC without installing additional software can quickly limit its use, even for the simplest tasks.

We have selected for you 10 software that is essential and also free to download on Windows.

A free antivirus:

Windows already has antivirus software by default, Windows Defender, but its protection is only minimal.
So to protect you effectively and free against viruses and other malaware, we advise you to download Avast.
This software remains the reference in terms of antivirus, because it is also very complete, it monitors your e-mails as well as the Web pages that you visit.
So when you visit a potentially dangerous site, you are informed.

A suite of office software:

All computers available on the market under Windows already have a pre-installed suite of office software: Microsoft Office. But these are only trial versions, so you won't be able to fully use them without buying a license.
However, there are suites of Office software completely free as for example Open Office.
It is the free equivalent of Microsoft Office, word processor or spreadsheet it is possible to do almost everything with this free software.

A PDF reader:

All web browsers display PDFs, but only Acrobat Reader allows you to benefit from tools for your annotations, the marking of boxes or the electronic signature of documents.

Flash player:

By default Windows does not have a Flash Player, so you need to download it separately. It is essential for displaying many pages, animations, small games and videos on the Web.

A media player:

To play certain audio or video formats with the computer's media player, you will need to download and install codecs.
VLC is a lightweight multimedia player that integrates the majority of codecs within the software and thus allows you to read all types of files.

Instant messaging software:

Skype is a software that allows you to make calls from a computer or mobile for free. It is also possible to carry out videoconferences with several people.
It is also possible to use it to send written messages or files.

A software to clean your computer:

As you download many files, it is necessary to regularly clean your computer to maximize its performance. CCleaner cleans temporary files and other system folders, but also the many useless files generated by the various computer software.

Software to uninstall the software:

Revo Uninstaller is software that performs the uninstallation more thoroughly.
After launching the uninstall with the classic Windows system, this free software scans the system to find and delete all remaining files, folders and keys.

Gimp to do photo editing:

The Gimp is a real solution for anyone who wants to get into image processing. It is very complete and allows you to become familiar with photo editing. Many options are available such as layer management, script creation and many others.

7-zip to decompress files quickly:

Like WinRar, 7-Zip handles many other common formats, like RAR or ISO, as well as TAR.
You will also be able to protect your compressed files with a password as well as split a compressed folder into multiple files.