Discover the world of generative AI, transform your profession

Generative AI is revolutionizing many sectors. From cinema to marketing, including health and real estate. This innovative technology is changing the way we work. Those who adapt quickly will reap significant benefits. The “Discover Generative AI” training offers you a complete introduction. To this creative revolution.

Pinar Seyhan Demirdag, expert in generative AI, guides you through the basics of this technology. You will discover what generative AI is. How it works. And how to create your own content. This training is essential. To understand the differences between generative AI and other AIs.

You will explore how generative AI works in detail. The training shows how to take advantage of this technology. To generate images from text. Use Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN). And take your first steps with eBikes and anomaly detection.

A crucial aspect is the study of the ethical implications of generative AI. You will learn the necessary skills. To use this technology responsibly. The training also emphasizes the precautions to take. When using generative AI.

In conclusion, this training is essential. To understand and use generative AI in your field. It prepares you to be a leader of this revolution. And to imagine the future of your profession.

Generative AI, what should you train for?

Generative artificial intelligence is pushing the boundaries of imagination in many creative sectors. From cinema to advertising and architecture, it breathes a breath of innovation that offers a glimpse of a world of possibilities.

In the studios, directors are having a field day with this new tool. Generating breathtaking settings, bringing the unreal to life, everything becomes possible, as if by magic. Enough to give free rein to the craziest visions and create crazy works.

Advertisers are also jubilant. Analyzing consumers to speak to them tailor-made, what better way to hit the nail on the head? Ultra-personalized campaigns and increased impact. The dream !

Even medical research is enthusiastic. Visualizing unsuspected cells in 3D, simulating treatments… This is our researcher like a kid in front of his new toys. Ready to push the boundaries of science!

The same goes for architects and developers. Design settings or buildings in the blink of an eye to better plan? Did you say awesome? Indeed, generative AI promises to revolutionize design codes!

In short, all creative fields are about to enter a new dimension. Make way for unbridled inventiveness and disruptive ideas! With their new digital muse, creators can see their imagination grow endlessly...

Generative AI, fascinating but not without raising questions

With its astonishing capabilities, generative artificial intelligence is getting a lot of attention. Behind the magic of technology, new challenges are emerging. Creator of content impossible to distinguish from human works, she shakes up more than one benchmark. A brief overview of the implications facing all those involved in digital creation today.

First, what credit should be given to these productions? However realistic they may be, it is impossible to verify whether they are pure inventions coming from machines. A real headache when we talk about information authentication. Then, to whom should the authorship of these works without signatures be attributed? It is not easy to demarcate the part of human creativity and that generated by algorithms. Another annoying subject: what about user consent to this new generation content? Here again, the line between real and artificial becomes blurred.

Well aware of the superpowers of their digital toy, creative professionals therefore have a lot to do to establish the ethical framework. Think about societal impacts, assume responsibilities, but also seize the extraordinary possibilities opened up by generative AI. No doubt, with the inspiring machines, the adventure has only just begun!


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