Late at the office? This email will silence the reproaches

Stuck in monster morning traffic jams? Does your bus or metro break down repeatedly? Don't let these transportation hiccups ruin your day at work. A little email written carefully and sent on time will calm your manager down. And will thus protect you from unpleasant reprimands once at the office.

The perfect template to copy and paste

Subject: Delay today due to public transport problem

Hello [First name],

Unfortunately, I have to inform you of my delay this morning. Indeed, a serious incident on the metro line that I use daily completely interrupted traffic for many minutes. Despite my early departure from home, I was forcibly immobilized once on transport.

This situation remains completely beyond my control. I undertake to take the necessary measures to prevent such inconvenience from happening again in the future. From now on, I will be most vigilant regarding possible hazards that could disrupt my journeys.

I thank you in advance for your understanding.


[Your name]

[Email signature]

A polite tone adopted from the first words

Polite expressions such as “unfortunately I have to inform you” or “rest assured” immediately set an appropriate and respectful tone towards the manager. In addition, we clearly emphasize its lack of responsibility for this setback before promising that the situation will not be repeated.

A clear explanation of the facts

The central explanation gives some specific details about the incident to justify this delay linked to public transport. But the email does not get lost in unnecessary digressions for the person in charge either. Once the essentials have been simply stated, we can conclude on a reassuring note about the future.

Thanks to this refined but sufficiently detailed wording, your manager will only be able to understand the real difficulties encountered that day. Your desire for punctuality will also be emphasized. And above all, despite this setback, you will have been able to adopt the expected professionalism in your communication.