The Art of Communicating Absence: Guide for Library Agents

In the world of libraries, where knowledge and service meet, every interaction counts. For a library agent, announcing an absence is not limited to informing. This is an opportunity to build trust, demonstrate an unwavering commitment to the service, and ensure seamless continuity. How can you transform a simple notice of absence into a thoughtful and empathetic message? Which not only communicates the necessary information but also enriches the relationship with users.

The Importance of First Impressions: Recognition and Empathy

Opening your away message should immediately establish an empathetic connection. By expressing gratitude for any request, you show that every request is valued. This approach starts the conversation on a positive note. Emphasizing that, although you are absent, the commitment to the needs of users remains intact.

Clarity is Key: Inform Accurately

It is essential to share the dates of your absence accurately and transparently. This information allows users to clearly understand when they can expect direct communication with you to resume. Clear communication about this helps manage expectations and maintain a trusting relationship.

A Solution Within Reach: Ensuring Continuity

Mentioning a colleague or alternative resource is crucial. It shows that, even in your absence, you have taken measures so that users do not feel neglected. This demonstrates thoughtful planning and an ongoing commitment to quality service.

The Final Touch: Gratitude and Professionalism

The conclusion of your message is an opportunity to reaffirm your gratitude and highlight your professional commitment. Now is the time to build confidence and leave a lasting positive impression.

A well-designed absence message is a manifestation of respect, empathy, and professionalism. For a library officer, this is the opportunity to demonstrate that every interaction, even in the absence of direct communication. By following these steps, you can ensure that your out of office message is not perceived as a mere formality. But as an affirmation of your commitment to service excellence and the well-being of your users.

Example of an absence message for a library professional

Subject: Absence of the Chief Librarian – From 15/06 to 22/06


I will be away from the library from June 15 to 22. Although I will not be physically present during this time, please know that your experience and needs remain my top priority.

Ms. Sophie Dubois, my esteemed colleague, will be happy to welcome you and respond to all your requests during my absence. Do not hesitate to contact her directly at or by telephone on 01 42 12 18 56. She will ensure that you receive the required assistance as quickly as possible.

Upon my return, I will make it a point to quickly resume follow-up on any outstanding requests. You can count on my total commitment to ensuring and maintaining continuous service of the highest quality.

I sincerely thank you for your understanding and loyalty. It is an honor to serve you on a daily basis, and this absence will only strengthen my determination to always meet your expectations.


[Your name]


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