Damn car, still broken down!

This machine is failing you once again. Forced to leave it for repair, you once again find yourself in trouble getting to work. Don't panic though! A well-written email will be enough to convince your manager of your good faith.

The ideal template to copy and paste

Subject: Delay today following vehicle breakdown

Hello [First name],

I regret to inform you that my car broke down again this morning, stranding me in the middle of my journey. Despite my efforts to arrive on time, I had to have it towed by a mechanic before I could continue my journey.

I assure you that this recurring situation but beyond my control is most frustrating for me. Also, I will now find out about changing vehicles in order to prevent such incidents from happening again.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.


[Your name]

[Email signature]

A tone that is not confusing

From the object, we understand the precise reason for the delay: the breakdown of the personal vehicle. The first lines confirm and succinctly detail the mishap. But above all, we insist on its involuntary nature in order to leave no doubt.

A precise but not verbose explanation

We simply state the facts – a new breakdown requiring the vehicle to be towed. Enough details to justify the delay, but without being unnecessarily elaborate. Your manager will appreciate this honesty coupled with conciseness.

A reassuring commitment for the future

Rather than being biased, we humbly recognize the recurring problem of breakdowns. And we are planning on a solid solution by mentioning a change of vehicle in the future. Your manager can only welcome this proactive awareness.

With this email written in a respectful tone, you will have demonstrated the expected frankness and professionalism. Your manager will understand and you will be grateful to consider corrective measures. Successful communication despite these repeated inconveniences.