Social networks have many benefits, but discretion and privacy are not really part of it. It's not uncommon to hear of people who have found themselves discredited because of a bad message, even an old one. This can be dangerous on a personal level, but also on a professional level and quickly become problematic. A site like Twitter is all the more formidable in that its instantaneous nature can quickly lead to discomfort between Internet users. We will therefore tend to want to clean up our tweets, but the task may suddenly seem more complicated than expected…

Is it really useful to remove tweets?

When you want to remove some tweets or erase all traces of your posts, you may experience some discouragement and ask yourself if this is really helpful. We have to think about it because social networks have a very important place now and our activity can turn against us in a jiffy.

Not everyone will necessarily need to protect themselves, but it is better to be careful most of the time. On the other hand, if you are a person evolving in an environment where the image is important, a person to whom one could want to harm for example, you will have to protect yourself as much as possible. Why ? Quite simply because each account on your social networks would risk being scrutinized until a compromising element is found. Malicious people will take screenshots of it, or quote you directly on the web (site, blog, etc.) to reveal everything in broad daylight. You could also be betrayed by a search engine, like Google for example, which could reference your compromising publications in its results. If you want to find SEO-relevant tweets, just go to Google and search for tweets by typing your account name and the keyword “twitter”.

Without being a public figure monitored for his slightest actions and gestures, it would be unpleasant if a colleague or one of your managers found tweets leaving a bad impression, and this can unfortunately happen very quickly, because even internal recruiters have more and more the habit of going on social networks to get an idea of ​​the candidate who applies for a position or an assignment.

It is therefore certain that having an irreproachable image on social networks will protect you from many problems, so deleting your old content on Twitter can be useful to protect you from any unpleasant surprises. But then, how?

Erase his old tweets, a complicated affair

Twitter is a platform that does not facilitate the deletion of old tweets and this task is therefore more complicated than one imagines a priori. Indeed, beyond the 2 recent tweets, you will no longer have access to the rest on your timeline, and this number can easily be reached on this platform where regular tweeting is not uncommon. So how do you successfully delete older tweets? You will need to manually access these tweets using more or less complicated techniques. One thing is certain, you will need patience and good tools for effective removal.

Delete some tweets or do a great cleaning

You will not have the same manipulations to do if you want to delete certain tweets or all of them, so think carefully before making your decision to avoid making unnecessary manipulations.

If you know exactly which tweets you want to delete, use the advanced search from a device (computer, smartphone, tablet) to find your tweets to delete. However, if you want to do a total cleaning of your old tweets, you will need to request your archives from the site to classify and delete your tweets. To get them, you just have to access your account settings and make a request, the process is quite simple and fast so why deprive yourself of it?

Useful tools

There are a number of tools that allow you to delete your old tweets easily and quickly, so it is advisable to get them for an effective cleaning that will not hold any unpleasant surprises.

Tweet Deleter

The Tweet Deleter tool is quite popular, as it is very comprehensive. Indeed, as its name clearly indicates, it is used to delete tweets. It will help you delete a large number of tweets at once with an option to choose content to delete by year for example. This will allow you to clean up your first years of tweets, for example.

But this tool does not stop there! You can select tweets based on keywords and their type for efficient and fast cleaning. If you want to start from scratch, this tool also allows a total deletion of all your activity on the platform.

Tweet Deleter is therefore a very practical and flexible tool to have an irreproachable account. However, it is not free since you will have to pay $6 to use it. But for this price, there is no hesitation for a moment given the performance available.

Tweet Delete

On the other hand, if for the moment you are at a point where it is not useful to pay for an application that can delete your tweets, you can opt for Tweet Delete, which is free to use. This tool works by selecting the date from which the user wants to delete the tweets. Tweet Delete takes care of the rest. However, this action is irreversible so be sure of your choice before you start. If you are afraid of regretting certain deletions, do not hesitate to make a backup by recovering your archives before performing any action.