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Temporal subtleties to master for informed French speakers

Are you an advanced French speaker? Would you like deepen your mastery of tenses ? This dense but progressive training of almost 2 hours is made for you. Advanced students or demanding professionals, you will find a wealth of clear explanations and telling examples.

His goal ? Help you assimilate in depth the subtleties linked to the time of the story and the speech. You will explore point by point the nuances between the nine tenses of the past. The emphasis will be placed on the five main ones used in narratives.

Present and future tenses, including periphrastic turns of phrase, will not be left out. The role of so-called “timeless” modes (conditional, imperative, etc.) will also be deciphered.

Concordance of tenses: a dedicated module to see clearly

Although dense in content, this training emphasizes a key point: the concordance of tenses. A complete module will analyze the concordance rules between main and subordinate clauses.

Because that’s where the problem often lies! You will learn, with examples, when to use the present, past or future in subordinate clauses. The contexts calling for the present, the subjunctive, the simple future or the pluperfect will no longer have any secrets.

Special cases and complex situations will be examined with equal rigor. You will understand the workings of the conditional and the subjunctive depending on the degree of reality or hypothesis expressed. Likewise, the embedding of subordinates will be dissected to master these arduous sequences.

Exceptional training to perfect your French

Only a very advanced level of French allows you to understand all the issues discussed. This demanding 1h51 training course is therefore aimed exclusively at an already experienced audience.

Its high educational quality is due to its progressive but uncompromising approach. Nothing will be left in the shadows: you will discover all the mechanisms, even the most complex, of the concordance of times.

The expert, herself a leading authority in this field, will captivate your attention with her encyclopedic mastery. Her experience of several years teaching these grammatical subtleties makes her the ideal speaker.

With rigor and passion, she will take you step-by-step to clear up your remaining gray areas on this difficult subject. At the end of this training with its right tone and dense content, you will no longer have any doubts about your schedule!

Whether you are an eloquent enthusiast looking for absolute accuracy of expression, or a professional keen to take care of your style, go for it! Finally master these rules which are often lacking, even among experienced native speakers.