Customizing the General Appearance of Gmail for Business


To adapt the appearance of Gmail to your preferences, start by going to the settings. Click the gear icon in the top right and select “See all settings”. In the “General” tab, you will find various options to customize the interface.

To change the theme, click on “Themes” in the left sidebar. You can choose from several predefined themes or create a custom one. By using colors and images appropriate to your business, you reinforce your brand identity.

Adjust the display density to fit the space between elements. This allows for a more airy or more compact view, depending on your preference. By adapting the appearance of Gmail, you create a comfortable and productive work environment for your employees.

Adapt the display of emails and the inbox for better organization


Organizing your inbox effectively can improve your productivity. Start by choosing a display type for emails. In the settings, under the “General” tab, change the “Display of snippets” option to show or hide a preview of the content of each email.

To optimize the management of your inbox, activate tabs such as “Main”, “Promotions” and “Social networks”. These tabs automatically sort e-mails according to their nature. You can also set up filters and labels to organize your emails according to your specific criteria.

Finally, leverage the “Mark as Important” feature to highlight priority emails. This option makes it easier to find them among other messages. By customizing the display of your e-mails, you promote optimal management of your inbox.

Use settings and extensions for a personalized Gmail experience


To adapt Gmail to your needs, explore advanced settings and available extensions. Settings allow you to configure options such as automatic replies, signature, and notifications. By adjusting these settings, you create a user experience tailored to your requirements.

Chrome extensions for Gmail offer additional features that can improve productivity. For example, extensions like Boomerang or Todoist can help manage emails and tasks. To install an extension, go to the Chrome Web Store and search for Gmail-compatible apps.

By customizing the Gmail for Business interface, you create a workspace tailored to your needs. The tips and tricks mentioned above can help you optimize your inbox organization, email management, and user experience.