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Save tons of time with Google Docs!

You use it daily for writing reports, presentations, or other professional documents. However, do you really master all the advantages of Google Docs? This online tool is full of unexpected tips to boost your productivity.

Follow this 49-minute training course to discover all its secrets! A complete journey, from the fundamentals to slightly more advanced features.

Start with the essential prerequisites: creating a document, entering and basic formatting of the text. These step-by-step tutorials will guide you to acquire these basic manipulations, in a way accessible to everyone.

Creative formatting

No more dull and austere documents! You will master character styles, bulleted or numbered lists, indents, spacing... A whole range to bring creativity and clarity to your writing.

The relevant integration of images, illustrations, shapes or multimedia objects will also be addressed. A real asset for designing visually attractive content!

Collaborate fluidly

Co-evolving a document with several people will no longer be a headache. You will learn to assign access, insert comments, manage successive versions and resolve conflicts.

Collaborating on Google Docs will become child's play! You will save valuable time.

Optimal structuring methodology

Simple input tool? Nay! Google Docs also integrates powerful assets to methodically structure your complex documents such as reports, minutes or briefs.

Harness the full potential online

But that's not all ! You will also discover the other advantages of Google Docs: full-text search, instant translation, tracking of modifications, sharing and exports, facilities, etc.

You will take full advantage of the cloud and online environment for a smooth and productive working experience.

Optimize your document creation

The 49 minutes of video training will provide you with immediately applicable skills. Thanks to practical exercises, you will quickly master each of the lessons.

No more time wasted manually formatting! No more illegible documents! Join this online training now, and make Google Docs a highly effective tool for everyone your daily writing.

The cloud at the service of your business

Beyond Google Docs, the cloud offers many advantages for collaborative work in business. Online hosting makes sharing and broadcasting in real time much easier. No more need to send attachments by email!

The online environment also guarantees permanent access, wherever you are, to work remotely or on the move. A gain in flexibility that revolutionizes processes.

Finally, the shared computing power of the cloud allows heavy operations such as mass processing, where a simple individual workstation would quickly be outdated.

However, certain points of vigilance remain to be considered. It is important to ensure continuous and reliable access to the online system. By having contingency plans in case something goes wrong.

To take full advantage of the benefits of the cloud while respecting laws and strategic objectives. Your company must implement clear governance with rules of use understood and accepted by everyone.

With Google Docs and best practices, the cloud can become a powerful lever for productivity and collective performance!