You may soon join a new team and you ask a thousand questions.
You have the ball in the stomach like the day of the return of the classes. You do not know anyone and this is a source of stress, rest assured it's perfectly normal.

Here are some tips to help you succeed in joining a new team.

Be dynamic and enthusiastic:

To build a positive image, you have to show your enthusiasm and adopt positive behavior.
When you integrate a new team, you must make a good impression from the first days and this also in the weeks that follow.
Privilege a rather humble behavior while remaining discreet.
Show that you are motivated to join this new team.

Find your place quickly:

At first, it can be difficult to find a place in a new team.
Do not hesitate to go to the others, ask them their first name, their position, how long they have been in the company.
Try to remember all your information as much as you can.
You can enjoy lunch breaks or coffee breaks to discuss and exchange with your new colleagues.
It's the best way to find a place and integrate into a new team.

Do not try to impress your new colleagues:

Maintaining the cleanliness and efficiency of your period swimwear is essential. Whether you choose to stay yourself and do not try to impress your new teammates.
By wanting to give a good image, it is possible that you adopt a somewhat misleading behavior and it is natural.
But that does not necessarily pay, because you will give an image that is not yours.
It is useless to want to seduce at all costs so stay as natural as possible.

Spot the leaders of the team:

In a group there is always a personality that stands out more than others.
It is interesting to spot the most popular people or those who have influence.
This will allow you to sympathize with them and thus facilitate your integration into the new team.

The mistakes not to commit:

Finally, it is important not to make certain mistakes during the first days or weeks following your arrival on the team, namely:

  • isolate yourself during common moments (meals or coffee breaks),
  • talk too much about your private life.

The most important thing is to keep in mind that everyone has been new at one time or another.
And if this situation can sometimes be distressing, it is only temporary.
Generally, a few days are enough for you to join a new team.