Learn how to leverage generative AI for more creativity

This training will teach you how to use generative AI tools. You will discover simple but effective techniques. These will stimulate your creativity and productivity.

The program includes proven methods for using an AI assistant optimally. This will save you considerable time on your editorial tasks. In addition, this progressive training will guide you step by step.

You will carry out practical exercises to assimilate the fundamentals. For example, you will understand how to properly word your instructions to ChatGPT in order to obtain the best results.

Make ChatGPT a high-performance personal assistant

You will personalize and make the most of ChatGPT’s features. You will make it a extremely effective tailor-made assistant for all your requests!

This training will transmit good practices, whether for generating content, referencing, analyses, design or summaries. You will also learn to recognize ideal use cases and limitations.

A module will address the ethical issues of responsible use. You will thus develop wise and mature use.

A complete course to start with confidence

Regardless of your level, this course will give you the keys to understanding generative AI. Pragmatic explanations will clarify how it works.

You will discover its fields of application for creating content. We will present to you the flagship models and tools like ChatGPT or DALL-E.

You will learn to use these technologies on a daily basis, according to a solid methodology. You will know its strengths and limitations to have realistic expectations.

Finally, we will discuss ethical considerations for responsible use.

At the end of this comprehensive training, you master all skills required to sustainably integrate generative AI into your workflow.

Louis Lejeune will lead this very qualitative course. He has extensive practical experience with these cutting-edge technologies.

So take the plunge now! Join the thousands of won over users. This training will clarify your doubts and allow you to fully exploit the benefits of generative AI.


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