Master Cost Calculations to Perfection

Fully understanding the financial workings is essential for any business. But how to go about it in practice? This course will give you the keys to management accounting.

You will discover several proven methods of calculating costs. All while implementing them in a very visual way using the spreadsheet. Complete costs, break-even points, forecast budgets: no aspect will be left aside.

Far from a dry theoretical presentation, this MOOC adopts a resolutely pragmatic approach. Each notion is directly anchored in the reality of a company. To allow you to apply it immediately with ease.

By following this complete course, you will become a true expert in cost calculations. Whether you are a manager, financial controller or simply want to better manage your business. Effective handling awaits you.

A Panoramic Vision to Master All Aspects

The program will allow you to exhaustively explore the vast field of management accounting. Its content, rich and structured, will provide you with real cross-disciplinary expertise.

You will immediately establish the fundamental links with financial accounting. These bases will make it possible to clearly identify the role and distinct objectives of management.

You will then be guided methodically through three main cost calculation methods. The analysis center method will be the first addressed in detail. You will apply it concretely for a product, from the purchase of raw materials to its delivery.

This will be followed by an in-depth exploration of the ABC (Activity Based Costing) method. Its specificities and its interest compared to the previous approach will be highlighted.

You will then study budget management in all its aspects. From the development of forecast costs to the rigorous monitoring of variances during the financial year.

Finally, the variable cost method will be the subject of a final dedicated section. With a flagship application: the calculation of the critical profitability threshold.

In addition, the latest issues related to management information systems will be addressed. For a truly 360-degree vision of this strategic profession.

Essential Mastery for Driving Effectively

Whether you are a manager, management controller, project manager or even just curious, this training is for you. It will provide you with essential skills to fully understand financial performance.

For managers and entrepreneurs, accurately calculating your cost price will be a major asset. You will be able to set your prices as accurately as possible and maximize your margins with precision.

Building reliable forecast budgets and monitoring their execution will also no longer have any secrets. Enough to ensure tight management of your activity throughout the exercise.

By mastering the break-even point, you will also clearly identify the minimum activity volumes to achieve. A powerful strategic lever to guide your commercial objectives.

Management controllers will find a complete knowledge base there. You will be perfectly equipped to fulfill your mission of analysis, reporting and decision support.

Even for individuals wishing to better understand economic drivers, this MOOC will be a great source of information. You will unravel all the mysteries of cost calculations and financial management.

In short, training open to all but essential. Which will definitely make you operational on these crucial concepts for success.