After our article on how to submit by email his apologies to a colleaguehere are some tips for apologizing to a supervisor.

Apologize to a supervisor

You may have to apologize to your supervisor for whatever reason: bad behavior, work delays or poorly executed work, repeated delays, etc.

As with an apology to a colleague, the email should include not only a formal apology, but also a feeling that you know you are at fault. You shouldn't blame your boss and be bitter!

In addition, this e-mail must include the assurance that you will not repeat the behavior that caused you to have to apologize, formulated as sincerely as possible.

Email template for apologizing to a supervisor

Here is an email template to apologize to your supervisor in due form, for example in the case of a job returned late:

Sir / Madam,

I wish by this short message to apologize for the delay in my report, which I tabled this morning on your desk. I was caught by the weather and my priorities were poorly organized. I sincerely regret my lack of professionalism on this project and I am aware of the difficulties that this may have caused you.

I want to emphasize that I am always very diligent in my work. Such a professional gap will not happen again.