There are many occasions when your company will have to send a letter of complaint, whether in the context of unpaid invoices, a claim for compensation or reimbursement for a non-compliant product from a supplier, etc. . In this article, we provide you with the two most common complaint email templates.

Email template to claim payment of an invoice

Complaining of unpaid invoices is the most common type of complaint within businesses. This type of email must be very specific and contextualized enough so that the interlocutor understands immediately what it is - this will avoid back and forth, especially with interlocutors who try to push back the payment date!

If the claim email is the first reminder sent, it is a formal notice. It is therefore part of a legal framework and must be well cared for in case the case should go further because it can serve as evidence.

Here is an email template for claiming an unpaid invoice:

Subject: Formal notice for overdue invoice


Except error or omission on our part, we have not received payment of your invoice dated [date], in the amount of [due amount], and expired on [due date].

We kindly ask you to pay this invoice as soon as possible, as well as late payment. Please find attached the invoice in question, plus late fees calculated in accordance with Article L.441-6 2008 law 776-4 August 2008.

While waiting for your regularization, we remain at your disposal for any question concerning this invoice.

Accept, Sir / Madam, the expression of our sincere greetings,

[Signature] "

Email template to claim compensation or refund

It is common for a business to have to claim compensation or reimbursement, either from its supplier or from an external partner. The causes are multiple: a delay in transport within the framework of a business trip, a nonconforming product or one arrived in bad condition, a disaster or any other damage can justify writing such an email.

Whatever the source of the problem, the structure of the claim email will always be the same. Begin by exposing the problem and the nature of the harm, before filing your claim. Feel free to quote a legal provision to support your request.

We propose a model of email of complaint addressed to a supplier in the case of a non-conforming product in its dimensions.

Subject: Refund request for non-compliant product


As part of the contract [designation or contract number] linking your company to ours, we ordered [quantity + product name] as of [date], for a total amount of [amount of order].

We received the products on [date of receipt]. However, it does not conform to the description of your catalog. Indeed, the dimensions indicated on your catalog are of [dimensions], while the received product measures [dimensions]. Please find attached a photo attesting the non-conformity of the delivered product.

Under article 211-4 of the Consumer Code, stating that you are required to deliver a product in accordance with the sales contract, please kindly refund this product up to [amount].

Looking forward to your reply, please accept, Madam / Sir, the expression of my distinguished feelings.