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Define a winning content strategy for LinkedIn

Post content to LinkedIn, yes but for what purpose? This is the first question to ask yourself before getting started. Because while posting randomly can sometimes pay off, defining a real strategy remains the key to an impactful presence on the network.

Depending on your objectives, the type of content to favor will differ. Are you looking to boost your personal visibility or that of your business? To share your expertise or promote your offers? Once the targets have been identified, you will be able to choose the right tone and the appropriate formats.

This training will guide you to determine the best angle of attack. Because if the substance takes precedence, the form should not be neglected on LinkedIn either. After having worked on the “why”, you will study the “how” to maximize your impact.

A renowned coach will give you all his recipes to create publications with strong viral potential. From the most basic to the most creative, you will master the entire range of options. Whether for written, visual or even interactive content, no format will hold any secrets for you!

Master the different publication formats on the platform

Text, images, videos… LinkedIn offers multiple possibilities to convey your message. This training will present each option in detail with its specificities. The objective? Allow you to make the most of different formats to create ever more impactful content.

For example, you will discover how to create an eye-catching photo carousel in just a few clicks. Or how to integrate surveys and other calls for interactions to boost engagement.

Written publications will not be left out either. Rather than just posts, you'll learn how to write real articles that highlight your expertise in depth. All complemented by tips for a style that is both natural and impactful.

Whether you represent a brand or just yourself, publishing on a dedicated page is also essential. This training will lift the veil on the best practices to adopt for a professional and memorable presence.

Because let's not forget: on LinkedIn, every publication counts for your brand image. Suffice to say that it is better to arm yourself well before investing in this precious communication channel!

Analyze and optimize the impact of your content for more visibility

Designing posts is just the first step. To benefit from a real impact, it is still necessary to optimize its distribution and engagement. This is the whole point of the last part of this training.

You will discover in particular how to program and plan your posts for maximum visibility. Rather than posting randomly, you will target the best niches to boost your reach.

But the most important thing remains to decipher the performance of each publication. This training will explain how to analyze your key statistics and indicators. Real caring coaching to get the most out of your content.

Thanks to the trainer's expert advice, you will know how to interpret the figures to identify what works and what doesn't. What form of content do your subscribers prefer? What time are they most responsive? So much marketing data to take into account in your editorial strategy.

Publishing will then no longer be a simple exercise, but a real science to extend your reach. Whether you are an experienced marketer or a professional wishing to establish your personal reputation, these valuable learnings will make all the difference. Ready to join the elite LinkedIn influencers?