One Message, Several Objectives

For a marketing assistant, every word counts. Even an out of office message can become a statement of your creative flair and marketing acumen.

Your absence message is not limited to informing you of your unavailability. It can also strengthen your personal brand. It’s a blank canvas to express your creativity and understanding of marketing.

Think of your message as a miniature marketing campaign. It must captivate, inform and leave a positive impression. Each word should be chosen carefully to reflect your expertise and unique style.

The Ideal Model for Marketing Assistants

We offer you an absence message template that combines professionalism and originality. It is designed to show that you are an outstanding communicator, even outside of the office. This template is a starting point that you can adapt to resonate with your personal voice.

Adapt the message so that it is about you. To show how you understand and apply marketing principles. This is your chance to show that you are a marketing wizard who always thinks in terms of communication, even on vacation.

Subtle Communication Strategy

A well-crafted out of office message can leave a lasting impression. It can transform a simple automatic message. In a demonstration of your skill and creativity. It is an opportunity to strengthen the trust and interest of your colleagues and especially your customers.

Absence Message Specially Designed for Marketing Assistants

Subject: Absence of [Your Name] – Marketing Assistant


I am contacting you to inform you that, from [start date] to [end date], I will be on leave.

In my absence, for any questions related to our marketing initiatives or for urgent needs. I invite you to contact [Name of colleague or department] at [email/phone number].

He is well equipped to maintain the dynamism of our projects and will be able to guide you with the same passion and expertise that I usually bring to our work.

Thank you for your understanding and look forward to coming back with new, inspiring ideas to continue enriching our marketing strategies.


[Your name]

Marketing assistant

[Company Name]


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