Coping with a disrupted morning

Sometimes our morning routines are disrupted. This morning, for example, your child woke up with a fever and cough. Impossible to send him to school in this state! You have to stay home to take care of him. But how can you notify your manager of this setback?

A simple and direct email

Don't panic, a short message will be enough. Start with a clear subject line like “Late this morning – Sick child”. Then, state the main facts without being too long. Your child was very ill and you had to stay with him, hence your lateness for work.

Express your professionalism

Specify that this situation is exceptional. Reassure your manager that you are committed to preventing this from happening again. Your tone should be firm but courteous. Appeal to your manager for understanding, while affirming your family priorities.

Email example

Subject: Late this morning – Sick child

Hello Mr Durand,

This morning, my daughter Lina was very ill with a high fever and a persistent cough. I had to stay at home to take care of her while waiting for a childcare solution.

This unforeseen event beyond my control explains my late arrival. I undertake to take steps to prevent this situation from disrupting my work again.

I am confident that you understand this force majeure event.


Pierre Lefebvre

Email signature

Clear and professional communication allows these family events to be managed well. Your manager will appreciate your frankness while measuring your professional commitment.