If Word is the reference word processor there are however free alternatives and all as effective as practical.

Discover our selection of totally free software dedicated to word processing.

Open Office, the best free word processor:

This software is the most popular after Word and for good reason it is similar to this one with a complete office suite.
With Open Office it is possible to create, import and modify documents edited under MS Office (Word, Excel or Powerpoint).
You are free to save them in original format or in OpenOffice format.
This software is very intuitive and therefore easy to use.
It will also allow you, like Word, to go further by creating spreadsheets or graphics.

Google Docs, the word processor online:

Google Docs is somewhat different from other treatment software because it requires no installation.
It is a free service offered by Google with which you can create, edit and share all kinds of documents, texts, drawings, presentations, spreadsheets.
The benefits to use Google Docs are many to start with the ability to access his documents anywhere, but also to share and work with others and finally, to edit and view on a smartphone or tablet.

WPS Office, a lightweight but comprehensive word processor:

This treatment software available for free to appeal to the most fervent defenders of Word.
The interface is almost identical to the MS Office with equivalent basic functionality.
In addition to text, spreadsheets and presentations, you can create.
Regarding the compatibilities, no worries on this side because WPS Office accepts all Microsoft Office formats.

LibreOffice, a free office suite:

Word processing, spreadsheet or presentation, it is also possible to achieve all this with the word processing software LibreOffice.
It is one of the best software for text by its simplicity of use and its compatibility all formats.
In other words, it takes the main principles of OpenOffice but with a suitable interface.
It is therefore a software perfectly suited for both personal and professional use.

Zoho Writer, the little brother of Google Docs:

This word processor is also available online, just create an account.
It is the ideal tool for collaborative work because it allows you to share documents in a completely secure way.
Finally, the offline mode allows you to create a text to save it when you next connect to the internet.