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Become a leading SAP consultant with this comprehensive training

Are you dreaming of a fulfilling career in SAP consulting? Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, the “SAP Guide: Consultant Secrets to Master” training is made for you. A concentrate of rich and accessible content to master the workings of the famous system. All in a video-on-demand format so you can absorb it at your own pace.

Master key SAP features and best practices

Innovations like SAP S4/HANA or SAP Activate will no longer hold any secrets for you. You will also explore essential tools such as the SM12 module for user management and debugging solutions.

You will learn to manage critical data migration and SAP security processes, essential for project success. A focus will be on SAP Fiori and the UI5 ​​interface to improve the user experience.

Develop a decisive competitive advantage

Beyond the technical, you will develop key skills such as Communication, problem solving and public speaking. To stand out in this very competitive sector.

Business analysts, project managers, key users or those undergoing retraining, this training will meet your needs. Reminders and exercises will facilitate the acquisition of new knowledge.

The trainers, certified and experienced SAP consultants, will pass on their field expertise to you from concrete missions.

Don't wait any longer to take a step forward in your professional career by registering. You will take control of your future in the vast SAP world.

Many organizations rely on SAP solutions to effectively manage their processes. Recognized skills in this major tool will open up new perspectives for you.

This training also represents a gateway to booming digital professions: development, database administration, network architecture, etc.

Train yourself today, but keep in mind that the road to absolute expertise will be long. You will have to continually enrich your knowledge at the rate of technological advances, with rigor and perseverance.