Preventing your absence: Essential Communication at the Heart of Volunteering

In the world of volunteering, where every action counts, volunteer coordinators play a pivotal role. They build connections, inspire and mobilize. When they have to be away, the way they communicate, this break becomes crucial. It's a delicate dance between maintaining commitment and taking the necessary rest.

A Transparent Transition

The success of a period of absence is based on a fundamental principle: transparency. Announcing departure and return dates with clarity and anticipation is the cornerstone of a calm organization. This approach, imbued with sincerity, forges an undeniable climate of trust. She reassures the team by affirming that, even in the absence of their pillar, the values ​​that unite the group remain unshakeable and continue to guide their actions.

Guarantee Seamless Continuity

At the heart of this communication is the imperative to guarantee seamless continuity. The designation of a replacement, chosen for their reliability, expertise and ability to demonstrate empathy, demonstrates thoughtful anticipation. This strategic choice ensures that the torch of supporting volunteers and the progress of projects will be maintained, without the quality or intensity of commitment suffering.

Celebrating Contribution and Cultivating Expectation

Expressing gratitude to volunteers and team members deeply enriches the message of absence. Recognizing their dedication and crucial importance within the community strengthens the sense of belonging and group cohesion. Furthermore, sharing your eagerness to return, armed with new perspectives and ideas, instills a dose of enthusiastic anticipation. This transforms the period of absence into a promise of renewal and evolution, emphasizing that each moment of withdrawal is also a window of opportunity for personal and collective development.

In short, communication around absence, in the context of volunteering, transcends the simple notification of an interlude. It turns into an opportunity to reaffirm links, to value each contribution and to prepare the ground for future progress. It is in this spirit that the essence of absence, when well communicated, becomes a vector of development and strengthening for the community.

Example of Absence Message for Volunteer Coordinator


Subject: [Your Name], Volunteer Coordinator, from [Departure Date] to [Return Date]

Hello everybody

I am on vacation from [Departure Date] to [Return Date]. This break will allow me to come back to you with even more to offer our mission.

During my absence, [Name of Substitute] will be your point of contact. He/She has all my confidence to support you. You can reach him/her at [Email/Phone].

Thank you for your understanding and unwavering commitment. Looking forward to meeting our dynamic team when I return!

[Your name]

Volunteer Coordinator

[Organization Contact Details]



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